Google Play has experienced the invasion of cryptainer for Android

Google Play, which is still considered the most secure platform distribution of applications, often at the center of scandals because of a range of programs with malicious functionality. This is due to imperfections in the system of protection of Google Play, allowing criminals to cash in on users Android, fully trusting that the download from the official catalog may not apply to their devices, no harm. So it happened this time.

As noted by researchers at SophosLabs, in the course of the campaign to ensure the safety of users of the Android OS they managed to find in Google Play 25 application that hides malicious code for mining cryptocurrency Monero. In total they were installed more than 100 thousand devices, bringing each of them in a virtual farm and providing hackers with a digital cash totaling tens of thousands of dollars.

Mining on smartphone

Starting the process of cryptogamic on your device, applications were restricted consumed in the mining process energy, to avoid overheating the CPU and premature discharge of the internal battery. Thus, the malware had managed to keep their activities secret from the victim, unaware that her device is one of the cogs in the big mechanism in a passive enrichment of hackers.

This situation is not something unique to Google Play. There are many cases when the miners penetrated to the application directory for OS Android, spending long months and gradually increasing the audience of their victims. Some, very prompt hackers, for the period the business has been able to build a network kryptolebias farms, which consisted of more than half a million devices, deriving from this the millions of dollars.

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