Google Play makes it easy to discover content you love and share it

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Entertainment content the content of a huge and noisy, and in recent years competed many companies provide services to the broadcast content with many of these services like Netflix and HBO and Amazon prime exclusive its become difficult to determine what to see and where you see this content, now Google store movies and series serves to summarize the latest serials and movies and where to watch them.

Will help you Google play, for example, to search for any show and see any of the services that provide it, so you can access to app that allows streaming service and then run it directly and link it with the TV if you want.

It also will allow you to confine the search within the ratings of certain preferred, for example, if you want to quickly search for a movie night tonight, You can narrow your search to those classifications.

It will, after a period of use, what movies and series that you prefer based on your activity with the app for example personally the best films of fantasy, building on my activity in using the app will increase the proposal of those movies and series I have in the future.

You can add the series and the movies that have not yet ratified to wishlist so that they are notified when you provide in one of the broadcast applications or, when available for rent or reduction.



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