Google Play Movies will upgrade your movies to 4K free


Google announced today that those who bought movies from Google Play Movies will be upgraded their movies to the 4K free when you become this precision available. I assured the police that when there are movies that they have purchased 4K they’ll be able to share this super resolution for free. It is clear that there is a need for a TV in 4K to make full use of this.

It doesn’t matter whether you bought the movie originally strictly SD or HD. To be free of all films owned by the customer which is issued by the studio on 4K. Will inform users when they upgrade the accuracy of any of the movies that they have purchased as soon as you open the app.

I the company also confirmed that it will no longer charge fees more on Movies 4K. Thus, this means that 4K films will now be what was the cost of its HD movies in Google Play Movies. This is a good step, but a step too late some thing because Apple did it since last year.

The now updated Google Play Movies & TV app for TV devices of both Samsung and LG and Vizio. The app now has a more modern design in order to provide the usage experience improved.



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