Google Play Music will play and will be replaced with the YouTube Remix

Since July of last year we’ve been hearing a lot of news that hint that Google intends to merge its own music Service Google Play Music with the application services YouTube for broadcast service is an independent, confirmed the site Droid Life reported about the intention of Google to do this merger, confirmed the suspension of another from this Google it.

According to the report, the Google is trying to launch a platform to broadcast a music service called YouTube Remix which will be launched later this year, will be transferred to subscribers of Google Play Music into a new streaming service by the end of 2018.

Youtube: I have benefited in the earlier we integrate the difference of my service YouTube music and Google Play services, music form the thing whatever we have and strive to provide a product that meets the requests of the customers and artists at the same time, not changes in the next few days under a lot of updates in case we do that.

Will be expected to integrate the large library of music videos in YouTube with other Google Play Music, it seems that Google will continue to prove their worth in the arena of broadcasting services, musical after this step, especially since there are competitors like Spotify are doing a good job in maintaining their customers with new features periodically.


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