Google Play Pass — the Play Store subscription?

According to the source, Google is considering the introduction of a paid subscription Play Pass, which will touch on the Play store.

The essence of the proposal will be that the user would pay a certain set amount and it will be to access a variety of apps and games totaling hundreds of dollars. In General, all the same, as in the case of subscriptions with other services.

Except that in this case the problem is the amount of apps and games in the Google. That is simply so much that is not the fact that you will get something interesting. There is certainly the possibility that Google will run an algorithm that will select a monthly set specifically for each user, but somehow I doubt it. Yes, the company can take the easy way out and every month to put in a selection of at least one popular app or game, but, again, the range of requirements and tastes here are much higher than in the case of, for example, only gaming service.

In General, the view, not the fact that Google even dare to launch such a service.

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