Google Play send empty updates. What to do

Updates on Android beast are quite rare and shy. Some have not seen it at all, and others thought that I saw more than once, although in fact it was a normal dummy. But if the system update on Android everything is really pretty bad, here with app updates from Google Play usually no interruption had not happened. The developers are regularly pulled his strap, regularly releasing fresh versions of their software by correcting bugs in them, the vulnerability and providing them with new features. However, recently something happened, and users fell empty updates.

In Google Play a phantom update

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The first complaints of empty updates even in April, but too selectively. Because of this, neither Google nor the majority of users attention to this fact did not pay, regarding it as either a local failure or a banal fiction. However, over time the problem began to grow and began to talk more and more, and all one and the same. According to affected users, they regularly began to receive dozens of updates for installed applications, which, however, did not contain a description of the changes and didn’t even have weight.

Empty the updates in Google Play

Phantom updates as if they weigh nothing, but loading it is

Regular updates have a small arrow, clicking on which opens the information about all the changes and the weight update so that the user could navigate in his values and decide to set it to not connected to wifi just LTE or not. In the case of the phantom patches, are showered on the users on a regular basis, getting their notifications to download, no nothing. Just in the updates section of the app appear the button “update” next to each of the installed applications without any descriptions.

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A detailed analysis of the problem showed that most of the phantom updates are coming for its own Google apps. However, there are exceptions. So to say unequivocally, where did they all come from and what is their nature, quite difficult. However, no doubt that it is really a failure, virtually no. The fact that the updates pacifiers can appear every day and several times a day, which under normal conditions does not occur, since development update developers need a lot of time.

How to enable auto-update apps

If you are faced with the same problem, we have a temporary solution – auto-update.

  • Launch Google Play and open the context menu swipe from the left edge of the screen;

Turn on auto update in “settings” in Google Play

  • Go to “My apps & games” and turn on “Auto update”;
  • Then bring up the shortcut menu and open “Settings”;
  • Here select the option “Auto-refresh” and turn on “Wi-Fi Only”;

And then activate auto-update only over Wi-Fi

  • If you wish, you can still go to Notifications and disable notifications about available updates.

Google has added to Google Play Autoset function new applications

After that, all applications that you have on your smartphone will be updated strictly in automatic mode. And due to the fact that we were allowed to update only on Wi-Fi, mobile Internet traffic will not be consumed in principle. That is a smartphone by connecting to the wireless network initiates the update, and since we have and have disabled notifications so they won’t crumble on you during the day as phantom updates will be added.

Should I enable auto update in Google Play

They say that the auto update is very resource-intensive function. Allegedly, the smartphone all the time forced to communicate with Google Play to obtain information about the latest available updates and then install them. However, as shown by my personal experience, no harm charging it doesn’t quite the word. So Google designed the auto-update mechanism is that it consumes no more energy than the background work of built-in antiviruses “savings Bank” and other banking applications. So feel free to include and use.

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