Google Play Store continues to think on the App Store in terms of number of conversions, but…

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In the first part of the semi-annual report published by the foundation ” Sensor Tower ” specialized in market research revealed that the Apple App Store achieved double the returns achieved by the Google Play Store in the first half of this year. Moreover, it has also revealed that the rate of spending on applications continue to grow with reference to that the games were behind most of the revenue collected from all traffickers.

Now the second part of the report says that the rate of conversions has grown also in both stores, it has increased the rate of conversions in the Apple App Store grew by 13.1 percent while the increased rate of conversions in the Google Play Store grew by 10.6 percent, can be explained by the growth rate of remittances in the Google Play Store to spread out the growing Android devices in emerging markets.

It is interesting to find that Facebook is still top the most downloaded applications on both stores, followed by other applications of the company Facebook itself, including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and Instagram. When it comes to Games, the PUBG Mobile is of the group followed by Helix Jump and Subway Surfers.


Statistics issued by the institution of the Sensor Tower also pointed out that even if the Apple App Store is not available in China, You’ll get this shop on revenue of $ 15.4 billion USD in the first half of this year, which means that it will continue to negotiate on the Google Play Store by about 30 percent. Anyway, it seems that Apple App Store won twice the revenue that harvested areas less than half of the total remittances.


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