Google Play subscription Pass officially presented. Google watching again ideas from Apple?

Google officially confirmed that the new service Play Pass will be launched soon. The idea of the project is that Android users will be able to access paid apps Google Play Store and games for a small monthly fee. It would look really revolutionary and attractive. And most importantly unique. If not one “but”: exactly the same service a few months ago announced the Apple. And he’s already here-here will be available to all iOS users.

Soon in the app store from Google will be subscribed

Why subscribe?

With the growth of the mobile gaming industry and the subsequent growing popularity of smartphones, the holders of shops in the face of Google and Apple have begun to understand that over time, revenues from legacy system application sales will fall. Oils in fire were added also by the giants in the face of Spotify and Netflix — services that provide access to an unlimited amount of content for a very reasonable cost. It is clearly much more smaller than buying everything separately. And in the long term the user “sits” on a model and pays regularly but in small portions instead of having to buy something 1 time a year. And you subscribed to some services? Tell us about it in our chat in Telegram.

Google officially does not disclose any additional details regarding its new service, but according to rumors, the Play Pass will cost 4.99 dollars a month, and the starting lineup will include projects such as 80 Days, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Limbo, and Stardew Valley. Moreover, in its structure and ideology, the service is very similar to the Apple Arcade. And it just can’t be a coincidence.

Apple vs Google Play Arcade Pass

Apple Arcade was announced for a long time and it is clear that Google does not want to lag behind in this new race. In any case, a subscription to the game was to appear on mobile platforms sooner or later, but outright copying users never took positively. On the one hand it will be interesting to see what impact such services will have on the business model of free-to-play games with in-app purchases, which currently dominates mobile gaming. However, this would be enough and one platform.

That’s what we are: the subscription model simply may not work with the mobile market and then “warps” the entire economic system of the app store. Thus, the holders can shop instead of increasing income to its sharp fall. So wouldn’t it be better for Google to wait and watch for errors of the competitor (which, of course, will), and only after that to release their subscription model with the slogan “is much cooler than in the nearby store?” Instead, the search giant once again copies the actions of cupertinos that is not the fact that the correct. With this approach, Google will continue to be in the public eye only as “number two”. The examples are not far to seek. Take the release of Android 10. Moreover, subscription from Apple will offer users exclusive content not on other platforms at the time like Google offers to pay for ordinary applications of the virtual store.

In General, then, a strange situation emerges. On the one hand the subscription services will give the opportunity to enjoy a bunch of projects for relatively little money. On the other hand: why do we need 2 of the same service? It should not just copy a competitor, but to win over its audience, or in such a competition makes no sense.

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