Google Play will allow you to suspend subscriptions

The Android users will be able arbitrary suspension of subscription to the services or applications distributed through Google Play. Mention about this function, journalists Android police discovered code in the updated directory. Thanks to it, users will be able to freeze the action of a subscription for a time when it is no longer needed, rather than to abandon it completely, wasting money.

Often there are situations when it is imperative to contact a particular service that is distributed by subscription only. Of course, you can always pay a monthly subscription and use the product inside out within 30 days, but what if just need immediate access to, and full payment is trite wasted pity? Logical advice would be suspension of the subscription, which, unfortunately, offer not all developers.

How to suspend a subscription

This situation may arise from the pupils or students, paying for a subscription to different kinds of educational services. As a rule, they offer a good discount for paying the annual subscription, but do not allow to suspend its action, e.g. during the summer holidays. Thanks to the integrated features from Google Play, this problem will remain in the past, allowing not only to save the “wholesale” purchase access, but if necessary, freeze it.

While the function of suspension of the subscription is in the stage of closed testing, and therefore it is impossible to say exactly how it will work. Perhaps Google will allow you to suspend the subscription for all applications, without exception, but the search giant will have to find the killer arguments to convince developers. A much more likely option is that the company will offer the ability to freeze subscription only to users favourites, and then only for a certain period.

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