Google pleases update the web version of the Photo. The platform has a new design

In early September, representatives of Google has updated the Photos app. The new version 4.0 in the first place was distinguished by a fresh design Material Theme. The interface has received an abundance of white space, with updated fonts and icons are re that pleased fans of the new trends in Android. Since then, it took more than two months, during which the web version has not received an update. Now the situation is corrected.

About the update, said the representatives of 9to5google. Users have tested the new version of the service and noted a lot of innovations. As in the case with the Android app, a new set of icons located in the sidebar. Their signature slightly darkened. Since the website background was already white, the decision does not seem radical.

Above we see a search box with rounded corners. Inside it is a test request made to the Google font Sans. In the same style download button and creation of the right of the window.

In the navigation pane using the new style. The developers redid most of the Windows when working with pictures, including the approach, sending images to friends and editing.

It looks like a window with information about the image. The system shows the people in the picture, creation date, file name and format, and other data.

As the users work with the updated web version of Google Photos is very similar to the mobile version. In the end, fans of the platform will get the same experience, but on the big screen.

Last update of Google Photos on smartphones was released in early November. Then the system learned to perform backups of exclusively during the charging of the device. In addition, the smartphone shared a large amount of data about the background activity of the application. Details of the upgrade are described here.

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