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Earlier this year, I started a Google project to audit the access to the developers of external actors to the Google accounts through the use of APIs. When it has found a breach of the security, transmitting to Google+, which is now close down the service, at least for consumers.

The problem is the long and short in the presence of a vulnerability allows the software developers of the third-party access to sensitive data of users of Google+, including your name, email address, occupation, and sex and violence – even if the account is set to private. This is not sensitive data in particular, but apart from that, it has happened already breakthrough.

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It was discovered this error in March of 2018, but it has been assumed that this problem has existed since sometime in 2015. To make things more exciting for a little bit, Google maintains a record of the data API this special for two weeks only; so no company has a way to find out any users who were affected by the hacking. It is assumed, however, that there are about 500,000 users in the list to Google+ .

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However, there is no evidence that any developer familiar with the existence of this error, despite the presence of 438 application that uses the API. Similarly, there was no evidence of the theft of any data for personal or sold or misused in any other way.

Has been correct the error after two weeks of its discovery in the beginning (it took Google two weeks to analyze the data before error correction), but it has now decided to turn off Google + as a service to clients. In a blog post by the company to shed light on the findings, it was reported that 90 percent of all visits to Google + are worth less than five seconds.

So, instead of investing time, energy and money in the network is clearly dead, the company will just take it out of its misery. Will be closed by consumers completely by August of 2019. From this point, will continue to be G + as a platform for enterprises, where it seems that many companies use heavily.

Due to the high post, will be available more permissions accurate calculations at the expense of Google. This means that instead of allowing access to your account by using the button “allow” simple one, you’ll get to choose the permissions allowed for applications for each particular service.

So, for example, if you used your Google account to login to the new service and access to Calendar and Drive, you’ll be able to grant such permission or refuse on the basis of each service. Think about it like check in the permissions of the Android, just to your Google account. They also limit the app access to your Gmail account from now on, so won’t be able to only applications that operate “directly improve” the e-mail functions (such as e-mail programs and backup services) access to messages in Gmail.

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Finally, we will restrict the app access to call logs and SMS on Android forward. Will Google Play types of applications permitted to apply for these permissions will not be able to apply your default only have access to this information. So, for example, will be the default messaging application of your able to access the permissions of the SMS, and the contact’s default access to the call logs. But you won’t be able Other Applications.

It is important to mention here that all these changes occur in the coming months, giving users more control over their own data. Google will also with the software developers to give them time to adjust the permissions required for applications and services that will be affected by the changes.

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Google Plus is finished …

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