Google prohibits installing applications I devices not supported

Google will become more stringent in the implementation of new steps for manufacturers who use Google applications incorrectly.

Given that the operating system Android is an open source system, it gives hardware makers the freedom in the allocation of the Statute according to their needs, in order to ensure a higher level of development between Android devices, it has benefited Google intelligently from a set of its applications and services, famous or what is known as the GApps, so that should be on the hardware manufacturers now follow a specific set of rules in the context of what is known as the document for the definition of compatibility the CDD, in addition to passing the tests the compatibility of Google also called CTS, in order to allow them to upload apps and services Google preloaded on their devices.

For clarity, it has been possible previously to use non-supported devices to use Google Apps, but now it seems that the giant search has modified this, allowing users to Roman Custom ROM using this application, it is clear that this change entered into force since the date of March 16 of the current, affects any software fixed was created after this date.

According to the report, the services of Google Play Services will be delivered now from the date of creation of the software fixed the system in order to find out if the date is after March 16, and if so, will the prohibition of logging in to your Google account using this firmware, but users can Roman Custom ROM register their devices manually to get the applications.

Although such a problem could previously be resolved by clearing the cache services in Google Play Services, but with the recent update, this has become impossible, and will not allow the user anymore to log on to his account in Google because his device is not supported, with the appearance of the warning message him to that effect, and users can send that message to the company that they bought the device from them hoping to get a supported device.


Source: Google banning the app install their I devices not supported

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