Google prohibits the Go Global about her store and its applications widespread

قوقل تحظر Go Global عن متجرها وتحذف تطبيقاتها واسعة الإنتشار

The company Google the Prohibition of the development company the Chinese apps Go Global, a subsidiary of Baidu Store Google Play and thus deleted its applications are wide spread, which reached numbers downloaded of users to 600 million times, and the number of deleted applications 100 applications so far and will delete the rest during the next period is due Read Google this is due to violations of the upgraded vehicle applications Google practice operations, the likelihood of ad according to BuzzFeed.

The report noted earlier that about 6 apps from the ones that the company in its on the App Store include the Aquada software shows that the user has done by clicking on the icons of the advertising medium; even in the case of non-use it and run it to comment originally, and it was within those applications violated the policies of the App Store application Selfie Camera وTotal Cleaner in addition to the other ones owned by Go Global.

And you don’t learn this the first time that the Google ban the app developer for the App Store or for apps that violate its policies, particularly those that follow the style of the clicks are fraudulent for marketing purposes and the like and millions of dollars through these practices bypass the rules and laws applicable in this area.

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