Google provide fixes free for you phones Google Pixel affected by Hurricane Florence

Google Pixel 2 XL - Google Assistant

Sure to Hurricane Florence left a lot of destruction behind it, has caused this hurricane in the destruction of many homes, and the loss of many lives, the displacement of many families, this means that also affected many properties in the midst of this process, such as smart phones, which at such time will be necessary to deal with your loved one or to ask for help.

As for the US, it seems that Google fixed phones Google Pixel affected in hurricane Florence, to customers for free, it has been rumored that the company offers operations and repair free of damage that would not be covered in the warranty, thanks to the cooperation with uBreakiFix.

In a statement on her official website, she explained the company uBreakiFix that customers who own the phones the Google Pixel affected during Hurricane Harvey are eligible for repair operations free. ” After the devastation caused by Hurricane Florence, offering UBreakiFix and Google again, fixes free for all models of the Google Pixel the affected people in the North Carolina coast, the coast of Virginia, and neighboring areas … alert our hearts to all those affected and we want to help you stay in touch with family and friends and anyone who can help in the aftermath of the storm. “

Customers can affected by taking phones Google Pixel to a range of shops uBreakiFix scattered throughout Virginia and North Carolina. But it should be noted that uBreakiFix will provide repairs free phones Google Pixel affected until 19 October only, so it depends on the affected persons to take advantage of this offer quickly.



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