Google provides a free subscription to 3 months in the service of Disney plus watch Chromebooks

جوجل توفر اشتراك مجاني 3 أشهر في خدمة ديزني بلس لمشتري أجهزة Chromebook

With the launch thunderous serve Disney plus access to ten million subscribers, the company announced Google via its official website for providing the service for free to view Chromebooks the new in the period from 25 November to 31 January next year to 2021.

Knowing that the involvement of Disney plus the monthly $ 6.99 but you can get three months free if you activate Chromebooks within the period specified in the declaration !

It seems that Google wished to use the period of the upcoming holidays and the season of gift-giving annual with how many devices the beginning of this modest cheap price and which ones the Acer Chromebook starting price of $ 199.

With the presence of devices with high specifications such as device Asus Chromebook Flip the shifter that can be availed of as a tablet also, as well as the top in specs, performance and price Google Pixelbook.

As you can see have activated my Chromebook during the 35 day almost take advantage of the offer by visiting the link , then click on Redeem offer to get the promo code to activate the service Disney Plus via the app.

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