Google provides a search feature in the videos via the indexing time of the content

جوجل توفر ميزة البحث في الفيديوهات عبر الفهرسة الزمنية للمحتوى

After the latest updates caused by the Google search engine by organizing and classifying comprehensive search, images, videos, news, etc., here is today offer today a new feature in the box videos.

So that the company will show important events in the video according to the indexing time is determined by the content creators, i.e., that the user will be able to search for a specific clip in the video depending on points of time predefined content and the annex to the condition.

For example you want to access the song doing in the video beyond the period of time the former, and the manual here will lead you to reach your goal, of course, but longer and larger; either via this feature, things will be very easy as if you want to access the address of a certain in a book through the index and the page number first and go to it directly.

And therefore are not able to bypass all the effort and skip over the sections not important to get paragraph the specific of which will be attached to the access for only the operating partner.

Where this feature will be available in the search engine edition English including the YouTube platform, while promoting the Google content creators to attach the indexing time for the disruption, as they will resort also to the service providers Advanced Search to expand the circle of this water.

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