Google provides the feature to recall email messages within the application to gimli

Android version of the application e-mail Gmail Gmail have previously obtained on some of the functional features of the new, and now you get a feature ticket “Nudges”.

Several days ago, I got the web version of the email service Gmail Gmail on a new feature called “tickets” Nudges, so that this feature works on the remind messages old email I received a few days ago which should be answered.

It is supposed to be this feature able to select the emails most important to you and remind you, as it can urge you to follow the emails that didn’t get a response, and resemble the most of the new features added recently, such features rely on artificial intelligence.

While Google deliberately at the outset to provide new features to the web version of the email service, but don’t forget to add them also to the email application Gmail Gmail, with the app now on this feature is available in Web version on renewal.

It seems that this water up through the update is server-side, where appear the feature of “reminder” Nudges within the women 8.4.22 application Gmail Gmail to by their appearance in women older 8.4.8 of the email application.

You can access the feature by scrolling to the bottom under your email account settings to Nudges, pressing on the option “reply and follow” to determine the choice of the proposal of e-mail messages to respond to them and propose e-mail messages for follow-up.

It should be noted that the mail Gmail is one of the best email services available in the market currently, with more than million active users, thanks to the leadership of Google is continuously providing new features such as the responses of smart construction, smart gestures and other features that are based on artificial intelligence, which makes the service ahead of any competitor.


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