Google published the report of its annual security about Android

Published Google report, its annual security of your Android which shows the details very important on the protection of the users of this operating system from various damages and likely access to their device through them.

With more than two million devices running Android operating, the mechanism of protection of the users is becoming more important than ever before. Google Play Protect to conduct a security scan every day for more than 50 million apps downloaded on users ‘ computers, as well as up to 500 thousand applications in the cloud, in order to reduce the number of applications to intake of infected users damaged.

Last year was 0.08% of the devices which are used to store Google Play exclusively to download apps may have been damaged from the Android apps, and 0.68% of the devices that download Android apps from outside the store was hit by one or more malicious applications.

Not only that, but this security mechanism built-in store Google Play has blocked 1.6 million trying to install Android apps malicious from outside the store. Thanks to this technique, the number of attempts to install malicious apps outside of the store has declined 20%, meaning that they could prevent 73% of attempts to install malicious applications compared with 71% last year and 59% in the previous year, this reflects the technical evolution with the passage of time and its ability to discover the risk more.

Used to say another technology called the “pack Test construction,” which in turn helped more than 300 thousand developers to make a correction in more than a million copies of the application for improved security.

The report includes a lot of important information about security and protection of Android, paid Google last year bonuses by approximately $ 3 million to researchers Security who have discovered loopholes in the system, you can access the report from the following link.

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