Google pulls 60 application from the Google Play store because it included program malignant


The company Google to remove 60 game from the Google Play Store after a report from the police security Check Point that those applications containing malicious program displays pop-up ads about movies in the games. Stupid part of this story is that most of the games that was infected with this malicious program was aimed at children with the knowledge that the malware carries the name of the Adult Swine.

The report of the police security Check Point to the fact that advertising can often be disruptive ads which are likely to find many adult users is very appropriate for the game for mobile devices, not to mention the children who should not see it at any cost. It should be noted that the malware in these games is resources ads from large ad companies that do not allow using their content in this way. Also been getting some ads from the library of the ads program malignant, this place is the source of the ads against the ads.

It does not stop when you show ads against the literature, the malicious script also says ads deceptive which operates to deceive the users. They see pop-ups that say that their device is infected with a virus. If you clicked on Add, they are taken to the Google Play Store to improve the application of interferon, which may not be basically anti-virus program, it may be more harmful than the deceptive ads.

Company noted Checkpoint to it to raise its report to the company Google to offer the latter then remove the infected apps from the Google Play Store. The company said in an official statement : ” we removed the app from the Google Play Store, and the gift of our accounts of the developers, we will continue to show strong warnings to anyone who has installed them “.



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