Google pulls 85 Android application harmful of her store

Removed Google 85 the application of the shop by the development of the Android platform named the Google Play (Google Play), after that found researchers at the security company Trend Micro Trend Micro dozens of Android apps advertising, specialized on the form of application for photo editing and games.

These apps and ads fill the screen and inalienable as part of a scheme to make money, so that integrated advertising programs, named (AndroidOS_Hidenad.HRXH), in photography apps and games, has been installed more than 8 million times.

Used apps and functions of Android common to discover when the user cancels the lock of the phone, which led to ads frequent dramatically, and it was hard to overcome.

And applications to click in secret on the ads in the background without the user’s knowledge to generate advertising revenue.

The researchers discovered that the app keeps a record of when they are installed and remain dormant for about half an hour, and then hide the icons on the Home screen with replaced short, which prevents the user from deleting the app, show the app working on the phone.

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Apart from the display of ads that are difficult to close, the applications uses unique technologies to avoid detection by the user’s behavior, as it includes code to turn of they do not know read the same very frequently.

The company said Trend Micro: get to know these apps and ads to the status fill the screen, and the user to see the entire ad before being able to close it or go back to the app itself.

Gave the security company a list of applications, including (Super Selfie Camera); and (Cos Camera); and (Pop Camera); and (One Stroke Line Puzzle), so that each possesses an application from this apps million install.

Affect these programs display perfectly on phones with versions older than Android, since Android 8.0 and later versions include a function to ask confirmation of the user before allowing an app to create a shortcut, which alerts the user to the activity hidden for the application.

Confirm Google frequently they take action to prevent malware and ad programs have access to her store for Android apps.

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