Google pulls license Android from Huawei “Huawei is in danger”


It’s not easy or easy to start from new, it seems that the knowledge of the U.S. government, with Huawei’s knowledge of the cracking of the bones list on the “shadow” where do you think the U.S. government and live in the obsession that China is using its equipment to spy on American network !

Demonstrated that that I present the Google to withdraw the license Android from the Chinese company and deprive them of any issue coming in or update or even a patch set security to friends of the current.

Relented Google to pressure the US government and Trump this procedure is a very harsh against Huawei, and we all know it follows the size of damage that will be his last of this addition to deprived since the time of presence in the U.S. market activity.

This new step referred to news agency Reuters was confirmed by the observers, locations and technology of global interest. The response by Google according to the report issued by the US Department of Commerce that Huawei has developed a list of companies that can’t afford to buy the technology from US companies.

So is the penalty for passing or is it that serious that you’ll have with Huawei to produce the operating system of its own , and you will find this system to accept users around the world after being used on the Android system with Huawei?

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