Google pulls seven tracking apps from the Android store

Pulled company Google of her store applications android named Google Play (Google Play) seven tracking apps after it was discovered by researchers threats to mobile devices in the industry company software anti-virus Avast (Avast).

It has the Google Play Store for millions of apps – mostly useful – but there are many malicious apps, which is contrary to the guidance of the store.

According to information, all these harmful applications are designed by the developer of the Rus, so that it allows people to track people and children.

And these applications combined 130 a thousand times,

These applications can track things, such as geographical location; record calls; contacts; and SMS, which require the user to have access to the phone of the person who is trying to spy on you and install them.

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Once installed, it is very hard to figure out that these apps physically installed because there is no icon for the application, where the person who installed it towards the abolition of anything remarkable to the owner of the phone.

Recall that Google depends on a lot of systems to discover such malicious apps, using things, such as (Google Play Protect).

Distributed applications under the following names:

  1. Track Employees Check Work Phone Online Spy Free
  2. Spy Kids Tracker
  3. Phone Cell Tracker
  4. Mobile Tracking
  5. Spy Tracker
  6. SMS Tracker
  7. Employee Work Spy

According to the information, was Apps can also intercept messages sent via chat services encrypted, such as WhatsApp; the Viber.

And application (Employee Work Spy) itself that allows employers to monitor the movements and activities of employees during working hours, while it describes the application (Spy The Tracker) the same that allows the parents to retain full information on the activities of the child.

In addition to Avast (Avast Antivirus) and Kaspersky (Kaspersky), she said all of the security companies Symantec (Symantec) and (Malwarebytes) and (Lookout): it will intensify its efforts to identify tracking apps portable.

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