Google pulls the plug on covers Google Pixel protective customizable


Mostly, manufacturers of smart phones to submit their covers. protective official to be used with smart phones. The company Google something similar with the Nexus family and the Google Pixel through the program ” My Case”, which allows users to customize the over protective for their devices.

Unfortunately, it seems that this program is no longer available. According to 9to5Google, it was discovered that when the Google company launched the two phones Google Pixel 3a and Google Pixel 3a XL, the company also cancelled her covers. protective custom. Still a Google company offering their covers. protective official identity, its smart, but if you want to customize, you’ll need to search in another place.

And for those who hear about this for the first time, it has been My Case is where customers will be able to customize the protective covers to order their own phones, their own Google. All they need to do is upload a picture to Google moved into alignment with the next, buy it to be sent to them after that.

It was a fun way to create protective coverings, special and unique smartphone, so it is a pity that now hear that this service is no longer available. Didn’t know Google officially yet, but if we were to speculate, we believe that it is the use of this service by a sufficient number of customers to justify retaining it.


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