Google, Qualcomm betting strongly on the HMD Global Oy, invest the in huge

Nokia 9 PureView

The company announced the HMD Global Oy that Qualcomm and Google may stores significantly in the area of the new phones Nokia. The total investment of 230 million USD and reveal the company for all investors but it gives us a good idea of how the development of the brand Nokia in the future.

According to the company HMD Global Oy, the new investments amounting to 230 million USD will be used to accelerate the adoption of 5G technology by offering more smart phones with 5G and help the company HMD Global Oy also have access to more markets around the world. Besides, with all the fuss created by the Prohibition of Huawei in the United States, require Google Inc to pay a new company made for Android phones to the list of firms best-selling smart phones on the global level.

With the retention by the company HMD Global Oy some of its employees, including its data center in Finland, it is clear that the company will not enter most likely in a conflict now between the Chinese government and the US government, so it looks HMD Global Oy bet safe for both Qualcomm and Google.


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