Google redesign search page for images and the advantages of the new

Google redesign search page for pictures and new features

After a period of tests on a limited number of users, the company introduced Google today, a new form page with the image search engine by the famous country.

The shape of the new web site features design plain and simple and it is called white .

And watch Google in the new format give any extra to show the icon to get a direct link to any image .

Google redesign search page for pictures and new features

The most prominent observations of the new design can be summarized in the following points :

  • Thumbnails of the images more coherent with the page and clearer for the researcher
  • Location data taken from the image show up properly underneath each image
  • The size of the image appears once you mouse on the picture
  • When you click on the picture appear full size in the image pop-up window by
  • Appear below the image when enlarged Group other pictures of the fun was in the search to expand the options in front of you.
  • You can still press the mouse right to get the direct address of the image by opening it in a new tab.

The new shape must appear on a global scale from today on the Google Web version of image search .

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