Google reduced the prices of cloud storage paid

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Google reduced the prices of cloud storage paid.

Google reduced the prices of cloud storage paid.

Announced Google today announced the adjustment in the prices of its service cloud-based Google Drive Space payments, as know about the name change paid service to Google One where you will expand Services to broader services include conversational with direct Google support .

Granted Google all shared in Google Drive 15 GB storage space is free for extra app to help mail Gmail space Google images, the accuracy of the original, and video clips stored on the Google Application page.

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Price of Google Drive, The New

Initially the company said it reduced the price of monthly subscription to the Space 2 TB monthly at the rate of half of the $ 19.99 per month to $ 9.99 only per month.

As the company decided to add a new space is 200 GB at a discounted price is also only $ 2.99 per month, and deleted the company’s choice of 1 Terra byte which cost $ 9.99 per month .

The company decided to hold on to the prices of the spaces the other mass such as 10, 20 and 30 TB.

Google announced that subscribers of the paid service will be automatically transferred to the Service Google One New that will be available from within the advantages of sharing the space with a number of members of the family, will also get technical support online from Google .

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