Google refused one of the ways of unlocking Android. Why is it bad

Instead of bring voice recognition technology to perfection, as Apple already does, and use it as a means of identifying users, the Android developers decided to permanently abandon this perspective. Relevant information was shared by 9To5Google, staying current with information from its software code firmware Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Now one way of unlocking Android smartphones will be less. Which is a pity.

Unlock voice that exists in Android for several years, is one of the least popular methods of identification. This is largely due to the unwillingness of users to access their smartphone in humans, and insufficient protection of existing recognition algorithms. Even Google States that voice identification is the most unsafe way of protecting your smartphone, which allows any person with a similar tone of voice to access your data, and therefore must be eradicated.

Voice recognition in Android

Despite the fact that the decision for Google to remove voice identification looks correct from the point of view of safety, the question arises, why the company didn’t do this sooner. The developers of the search giant initially understood how imperfect they use algorithms of voice recognition, but not only did not hesitate to offer them to the public, but even has not taken any visible actions for their improvement.

Unlock smartphone voice really seems to me like a very promising feature that has every right to exist. One of the most important of its advantages in technology fingerprinting or facial recognition is the ability to remove the lock, without requiring the user to touch the device. This possibility can be useful in situations when your hands are dirty or busy, but you need to go to any of the functions of the smartphone lying on the table.

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