Google registered a patent for a smart foldable design boasts a unique

Galaxy Fold

When it comes to smartphones folding at the moment, the design of the most common is the phone that opens and closes like a book. This is the design adopted by both Samsung and Huawei in its smart phones collapsible. However, it seems that Google took this design and made some changes.

In the patent a new invention has been discovered recently by the site LetsGoDigital, it seems that the company Google thinking of creating a smart phone foldable features up to four monitors. As you can see in the diagrams below, this device rollaway embodied in the patent this is the design of the book, except that there is a compensation page, in this case a flexible adaptable.


Remains unclear how should use of such a device, no one already knows the full potential of the devices for folding because it is not issued to any one officially yet. However, this patent highlights some possibilities on how to use screens flexible to create unconventional designs for new products.

Because this is still just a patent, there is no confirming whether the company Google plans to make it a reality or not, although the Google company confirmed to us in the past they explore the technology hardware folding, but we still have to wait to see if that would result in real products or not.

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