Google rejects the proposals of the shareholders on the Chinese search engine “Dragonfly”

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Raised the plan of Google to enter the Chinese market of New across a search engine dedicated to the campaign name Dragonfly of the resentment of many of its employees and shareholders in the company, owing to the fact that the new engine won’t see my personal rights, Chinese users will be under the direct control of the state apparatus there.

Where they borrowed a number of solutions to this issue is the need to subject the plan to build the Chinese search engine to the supervision by the institutions of human rights; to ensure non-violation of the rights of users and their data personal before proceeding to the actual build.

To meet these proposals rejected by the owners of the resolution at the shareholders ‘ meeting to buy a Alphabet the mother or that come from a number of ethical issues have affected operational it, and has raised the ire of its employees because the company did not appropriate measures in dealing with it .

Be it the outcome of the meeting disappointing milk supply watch a Chinese search engine, as is the case in their desire for reforms in the rules and regulations for dealing in situations of moral and sexual education.

Has changed about the meeting of a number of Enlightenment figures included two of the founders of the two Larry Page and Sergey Brin, while ignoring the heart of Google executive Sundar Pichai to the questions and answer the questions of the participants, in reflecting on the clear determination of the company to complete its journey to that adopted without change.

In came the justification for Google to raise its proposals to the shareholders by claiming her study among a variety of options to expand access and to benefit from the Chinese market while maintaining its principles and its mission.

It is worth mentioning that Google started to think about obey the wishes of the Chinese government and detailed search engine compatible and its oversight since the period is not quite some time, where was the leaking of an official note from Google explains the mechanism of action of engine Dragonfly presumed how to track the data of users in December 2018.

At the time that the first reports about the work of the Chinese search engine in August 2018, followed by a number of protests by civil institutions and Suprematism.

As well as presented 400 of the staff of the company a petition demanding to stop work on the project.

In the same vein, a student attorney in the US Senate Josh Hualian company Google to disclose the nature of its work in China.

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