Google released Android 10. How to download

In the era of globalization has become almost impossible to hide something. Of adds fuel to the fire of the Internet and secured channels of communication, through which information from one end of the light reaches the other in seconds. This was successfully used by insiders on a regular basis, providing us secret information about the upcoming updates of certain companies, most of which, probably, would prefer to hide this kind of information. Was no exception and Android 10.

No more Android Q. Android 10

Today, 3 September, Google officially released Android 10. The update comes nearly six months after the release of the first beta, which was intended only for owners of smartphones Google Pixel. In this sense, the release build is a little different from the test, because in the first place it will also be able to install only the corporate users of smartphones Google. It is now available for download over the air if you have a stable connection with Wi-Fi.

What’s new in Android 10

  • Night theme
  • Gesture control
  • Smart replies to messages
  • Lock background of surveillance
  • Improved the menu “Share”
  • Updated The “Google Camera”
  • An advanced mode Digital Wellbeing
  • Silent notifications
  • More than 65 new emojis

Why you need security patches

As expected, Android 10 for Google Pixel comes from included with the September security patch, which fixes several system vulnerabilities, among which are critical. If not corrected, they can learn hackers, and then down the drain — they will certainly take advantage of holes in the security system of the operating system that will operate in their own interests. As a result, users not only risk becoming victims of surveillance, but generally lose power over their smartphones.

Where to download Android 10

If you have not received notification of update availability, you can always download it from these links:

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Despite the fact that as of September 3, Android 10 available only to users of the eight smartphones, obviously, in the near future the update will be released for multiple devices. Most likely, they include the Essential Phone 7 OnePlus, OnePlus 7 Pro and maybe the flagship smartphone of Huawei. In any case, according to statements of Huawei, the company conducted a long-standing collaboration with Google on optimizing the new OS for the corporate devices, promising to release it in the next few days after the official release.

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