Google released Android Developer Preview 5 P. Added and changed?

In the beginning of the month the developers released the fourth version of the Android P Developer Preview. Smartphones got new icons, and learned how to switch themes, adjust the volume of the conversation and more. Yesterday, the company is pleased with the new update. It’s time to look inside.

Android P DP5 brings users close to the final version of the new operating system. The update is focused on improvements, not radical innovations. Improvements slightly, according to 9to5google.

Changes in the search window

Developers Google once again altered the search window Pixel Launcher. Now there is no microphone icon, which has launched Google Assistant.

For comparison, recall the Developer Preview 4. There’s a button there.

New icon automatic reversal

Designers reworked the icon of the orientation of your smartphone. Now it fits better in the overall picture, though it resembles the retweet button on Twitter.

Before the image was smoother.

The same applies to the bottom row of buttons. Here is the icon now.

And looked before.

Installation manual operating system versions for developers is in this article.

Yet to detect other changes in update failed. If you found something, share the information in the Telegram chat AndroidInsider.

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