Google releases Calendar 6.0 with a new design. Looks like the app?

At the end of last week, Google has prepared Google update Photo. Version 4.1 will receive a so-called live albums, which are folders with photos and support a shared library of functions. Access to images will be those who will link. The system will automatically recognize the images of loved ones and friends. The company did not stop there — now, users can update Google Calendar.

As in the case of the recent updates, the basic functionality of the Calendar has not changed. While inside the app there are many updated items and icons.

For starters, Google Calendar integrates the contents of the application and the notification bar, according to 9to5google. Now they are white, because of what the program looks neat and pleasant.

New Google font Sans is used for all items of the application. It including as far as writing months, days of the week and dates. By the way, early in the top right of the interface there was a small calendar icon with the current date, and pressing it instantly returns users to date. Now this feature has replaced the logo with a blue dot.

A slide on the left window are also noticeable changes. Now style Material Theme even match the icons timetables, week, month and other time periods.

For comparison, published screenshots of Google Calendar version 5.7. In my eyes it’s gray striped status bar, boldface lettering and less neat icons. Button in the lower right corner is also significantly upgraded.

And some more images. Note the space for the calendar at the top of the screen.

Do you like the current design of Google trends? Have you received the update? Please share your answers in the comments and Telegram chat AndroidInsider.

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