Google releases new update to Gmail – you know the most important features in which and the way to do it!

Google announced the world yesterday about the new update service e-mail own Gmail, which is the First Amendment conducted by the company on the due familiar of the famous program years ago used to design and shape the current service.

I didn’t include the new update exterior service only, but extended to the properties and features of the program internal, which has long been wished for by users of Google.

A quick look at the new design for Gmail’s main features:

Once the system to the new Gmail you will notice the overall change in design fact, upstairs you will find a search bar as it is in his usual place, while button and Compose your posting on the left, and below it various classifications of messages received and transmitted speed of access, and add some characteristics to read incoming mail faster.

تصميم Gmail الجديد

Also you can directly access attachments without having to open the message, and also when you stand with the mouse on the message you’ll see several options directly (such as archive, delete, snooze or specify as read), and will remind you of messages that must be answered or followed up with to show the cities that have passed since receiving the letter beside her.

And on the right at the top appeared a completely new tool called Tasks, through which you can create tasks and manage mail easier and faster.

Also, you can add more properties and features by installing add-ons account Gmail your like add Google Keep will be all the tools on the right.

تصميم Gmail الجديد

Also added Google for the first time the possibility to delete messages after being sent, where the Message validity period after pouring the same. In addition to the features of artificial intelligence, including development of and answers smart notifications, high priority.

تحديث Gmail

Property to confirm the identity of the message reader, it is now possible to lock message e-code custom will be sent in the SMS message to the intended recipient and no one to open the mail sender without entering this code.

Thanks to the tools, Information Rights Management ( Information Rights Management ) and new it became possible to disable the option of forwarding the electronic communication that you send or upload them or copy them or print them.

Finally, the renewal of the security warnings within Gmail to make the threats more visible when you open the email needs to be serious.

تحديث Gmail

The launch of the new version of Gmail yesterday, and will be available to share on the users ‘ computers around the world.

To make sure it arrives to you. log on now to your account on Gmail, then click on the settings gear in the top right to show you several options including Try the new Mail click on it and enjoy the benefits of intelligence and security with Gmail new.

تصميم Gmail الجديد

If you don’t find the option to Try the new Mail, the new update didn’t reach you yet, and you could only wait until his arrival here.

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