Google removes 85 application of her store trick millions of users

قوقل تُزيل 85 تطبيقاً من متجرها خدعت ملايين المستخدمين

The company Google to remove 85 apps from the Google Play Store was working under the approach of software for cross-registration as applications games and editing photos, so that you import on the user’s screen and display the ads and make a profit financial of their respective owners.

In came discover these applications by cyber-security firm Trend Micro, which said it found 85 application for Android downloaded more than 8 million users of the shop Google Play tracking methodology, software ad requirements of the covering under the names of other apps.

According to the researchers in the company, these applications work in complete secrecy on the user’s device and the transfer of advertising in the background of the app without user click on it or aware of it until the entire process.

It is also characterized by the following various ways to hide the raised operations of clicking; similar to display ads in a manner that is difficult to close to the user, so that the advertisements for 5 minutes without having a way to tell her.

The company revealed the security also that the application of this category replaces an icon on the phone interface main icon test, to ensure it stays effective on the device in case the user has deleted it.

Noted Trend Micro that the phones landed working for the oldest of the Android system 0.8 are affected by the process of creating the shortcut for the applications, while the latest version of the system, it requests confirmation from the user for the app creates a choice; which in turn one user being the app in a way to do actively hidden.

Come step Google this under their policies and continuing to fight this type of applications software for the file energy; in addition the security procedures of the other that follow in order to access follow apps more secure.

For a list of apps that have been removed you can visit the link from here.

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