Google removes Android apps famous due to friction

Removed the Google group of apps Android common from the store by Google Play, after the detection the report of the new about the involvement of those applications in the process of the likelihood of large-scale advertising.

The applications to click on the ads even when the app is not working, but it’s there in the background, leading to the depletion of the battery, and consumption data.

The display of this advertising platform AdMob from Google, the platform MoPub of Twitter.

It was the development of six applications by the DU Group, a development company Chinese broke up a year ago about the giant technology company for the Baidu search for Baidu, however, the Baidu still owns approximately 34 percent of the company emerging.

The report states that the DU Group made a lot of effort to hide their association to the application, and the application of the DU Group application Selfie Camera, which is immensely popular and has been downloaded over 50 million times from the Google Play Store.

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I discovered a company Check Point Check Point, a researcher in the area of fraud ad, that the app contains code to trigger the click of the application automatically on ads without the user’s knowledge.

Was identified applications DU Group reserve after assembling nearly 5 thousand application famous from the Google Play Store, and get information about those applications, such as: the name of the developer, and the number of installation processes, and then examine these applications, and deliver applications serious potential researchers and security firms for analysis.

And later found that these applications require permissions unnecessary, and overlay operations, the likelihood of ad using these permissions-ins, the researchers found through a process of analysis that there are six applications of the DU Group involved in unethical practices, and that these applications have more than 90 million downloads.

And DU Group that has a million users around the world, but she hid it relates to the applications of Omni Cleaner, RAM Master, and Smart Cooler, and the Total Cleaner, AIO Flashlight, Selfie Camera, and also reveal the fact that it was set to send data to China.

And the inclusion of those apps in the Google Play Store under the name of the developer is fake, Pic Tools Group, Google confirmed that it removed these apps from the store, but did not provide details about how to address the problem of misuse of the policy of her store in general.

There is also applied to another prominent on the menu, a Samsung TV Remote Control, developed by Peel Technologies, which is based in the United States, which ordered 58 of idhna, 23 of them in the category of serious.

The app is part of a family of remote control applications in TVS developed by the company itself, all covered in the Privacy Policy one that says: “the app gathers detailed information about the content that it consumes, and is validated through the identification of audio content”.

This indicates that the application up to the microphone to record the sound while using it, as it collects information about the user’s location geographical location, IP address, and the device, and when using the app.

This raises new discovery related questions, such as: how to exploit the developers to the policies of the Google Play Store, and how to hide their identity easily for users, and how to submit applications for permissions to invade the privacy of the user, and how to use these permissions to commit fraud advertising.

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