Google removes hundreds of apps Chinese, Indian store for this reason

Google said Google, it has removed nearly 600 Android application on the store for apps “Google Play” Google Play Store, due to the use of its fraud in the ads, described by the ads disruptive, as the banned account of its developer.

Google said that ads are disruptive include ads that harm users and their advertising, such as ads that fill the screen or suddenly appear during development in the applications, which the users know to press repeated it by mistake.

According to the report, prepared by the site BuzzFeed, most of the apps deleted from the Google Store for apps is apps, source, China, India, Singapore, and addressed most of them English-speakers, of which 40 application of the development of the company “Cheetah Mobile” Cheetah Mobile China.

And fees Google regularly pursue applications of the violation, that uses methods of trying to profit from advertising through to trick users, including applications that use malicious software to achieve this.

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