Google responded to the earlier report about the abuse of staff recording Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Frequency two days ago that Google hired some of the staff to listen to recordings of conversations made by users with a digital assistant Google Assistant. Mentioned the previous report that some of these recordings have been taken even when I didn’t utter the users with the phrase ” Hey Google “. The company has suspended Google Now on this issue through the publication on the official blog.

Said Google company they work with language experts around the world who have been assigned by a small group of information so that the system can understand the new language better. I confessed to Google it I found out that one of the reviewers linguists violated policies data security through the diversion of the voice data of the Netherlands, which was supposed to remain confidential.

The company added that a team of security and privacy of its own move quickly to deal with this problem, and it does now investigating and will take appropriate action. And Google Inc. ” we are conducting a full audit to ensure our in this regard to prevent such behavior again. “

Moreover, the company Google that the digital assistant Google Assistant not only send images to the police after they discover the device that the user interacts with it. However, it is acknowledged that there may be rare cases in which Google Assistant ” accept wrong“, where the interpretation of some noise or words in the background incorrectly by the program as the keyword ” Ok Google “.

Company Google they also apply a wide range of preventive measures to protect the privacy of users through this whole process. Experts say review about 0.2 percent of all the snippets sound. Don’t wear extracts audio of the user accounts are directed reviewers to avoid to dictate the conversations in the background or other noise. They write, they dictate and extracts audio addressed to the digital assistant Google Assistant.

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