Google reveal key details for Fuchsia OS

The company adopted Google developed an operational system III is called “fuschia” Fuchsia OS, and revealed key details of this operating system, and its purpose, and the devices that may work with it, despite the fact that the system is still shrouded in mystery.

View Hiroshi louder Hiroshi Lockheimer, head of Android and chrome, during a conference Google’s annual developers Google I/O 2019, some thoughts on rare Fuchsia OS in front of the masses.

Also included Google system Fuchsia OS as supported by the application development framework mobile Flutter, and indicated that this framework is used as the primary way to create apps Fuchsia OS.

The main information known so far about the operating system Fuchsia OS as an open source project, similar to AOSP, but it is able to run all types of devices, including tools, smart home, computer equipment, laptops, and smart phones.

It is also known that it is built on a completely new kernel from Google, called “womanizer,” zircon, formerly known as “magenta”, which is not the Linux kernel the Linux kernel which forms the basis of android, chrome and Chrome OS.

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There is no information other than that, and it shows only a quick look at the model of the user interface of this operating system two years ago.

There were also reports throughout the last twelve months, regarding the tests the development of the Google system Fuchsia OS, computers, Pixelbook, plans vague timeline for product development, demonstrates the possibility of the official release for the first device running Fuchsia OS, within three to five years

In addition, it is believed that Google device Google Home Hub, which is now called the name of the Nest Hub, is one of the organs of the test system Fuchsia OS.

He said louder: “we are looking at a new format can be the operating system, and I know that there are people who say that this is the new Android system, or this is the Chrome operating system new, but the Fuchsia OS really isn’t it.”

“Fuchsia OS to try to push the latest developments in terms of operating systems, things that we can learn from this operating system, we can integrate it in other products”.

The official explained in the company Google that the goal of the system operating the demo is the experience of various parameters, in reference to the possibility of designing Fuchsia OS to work on smart home devices, or wearable devices, or even devices, augmented reality, or virtual.

He said: “We know that Android works well on phones, and we know that system Chrome works well on computers, able to run Android apps, but Fuchsia OS may be optimized for some other forms of devices, so we’re doing experiments, the idea of in dedicated hardware. Everyone assumes that this system custom for phones, but what if you could use it for other things”.

Display located, in a separate conversation, some of the additional details, although it is still vague in its details, saying: “Not only in the age of the devices of the Internet of things to phones and cases, but there are a growing number of devices that require new OSes, I believe that there is considerable scope for systems running many, of strengths, and different, and Fuchsia OS one of those things”.

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