Google revised the production processes of its organs to the outside of China to avoid the increase in tariffs

Google Company

Earlier this week, we heard that the company Foxonn has become ready to produce the Apple products targeted to the US market outside of China note that the company currently manufactures most of Apple products in the Republic of Chinese people. However, it seems that Apple is not the only company planning to move their production lines out of China because of the trade war currently taking place between the United States and China, has now released a new report from the news agency poor indicates that the company Google plans to turn the production of devices Nest and has its servers outside of China to avoid additional customs charges that the United States will apply to products imported from China.

Cites the report of the persons who their names are not disclosed on the know also claim that Google moved most of the production processes of the motherboards oriented to the US market to Taiwan to avoid tariffs of 25 percent.

At the same time, there was a report earlier this week hinted that the company Google is trying to pressure the U.S. government to lift the ban on Huawei. The company Google recently that the U.S. ban imposed on Huawei represents a threat to national security, and that the company Alphabet ( parent company Google ) want to continue to provide Huawei with Android.


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