Google reworked full screen mode in the YouTube app for Android

Google has so many apps and services that not a week goes by that the company has not released at least one upgrade for them. Often updates go to Google Play, Google Assistant or Google Chrome, which is logical, because it is one of the most popular products by the search giant. A bit strange that YouTube over the past few months was deprived of the attention of developers, with the new year only a few minor updates. But today Google to fill the gaps.

Today, may 16, Google introduced a significant update to the YouTube app for Android. In the current version the developers have rethought the full-screen mode, allowing users to interact with the main elements of the interface, not leaving it. This is a very useful innovation, because early to assess the video, subscribe to the channel and play the other clip had to turn the smartphone in portrait orientation, which was not always convenient.

Full screen menu in YouTube

To open the menu in fullscreen mode, you have to swipe from the bottom up. After this, the screen window will appear with a button to “subscribe” to the channel and set personal alerts about new videos, carousel videos that are recommended for you to view as well as the bottom bar with buttons like/dislike, “share” and “save to favorites” for later viewing.

Interestingly, for such a tangible interface update, Google was not required to release a new build of the YouTube app like it used to be. Apparently, all the changes that we can observe in force on the company’s servers. This explains the fact that innovations appeared in YouTube for Android beta and stable versions of the application automatically. If the described changes are still inaccessible to you, it is recommended to wait. Perhaps the update is gradual and will get you from day to day.

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