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The ban on the use of Android and Google in smartphones Huawei, which we have already told, will operate fully only with the release of new vehicles to a Chinese company. It follows from the official statement of Google, which rushed to reassure existing owners of smartphones Huawei/Honor. According to its representatives, this category of users is almost nothing to worry about because their will not be deprived of access neither to OS nor to the services of the search giant.

“With regard to our actions towards users of smartphones Huawei, I can assure you that, despite the fact that we intend to comply with the requirements of the U.S. government, all of our services, including Google Play and Google Play Protect will continue to function on all devices from Huawei, running on Android, which came to the present moment”, — said the representatives Google.

Huawei Android without

The fact that Google does not intend to disable the operation of branded services and applications on smartphones and the Huawei Honor, though, and is a positive thing, still does not negate the fact that the machines of both brands will no longer receive any updates, and future — and are not able to work on Android. Now the question remains update existing devices to Android 9 Pie, adaptation which started Huawei a few months ago, promising to release her from day to day.

Worst of all, in our opinion, now it is necessary to owners of the flagship smartphone Huawei 2019. Not only that, they actually acquired a stillborn product, because, as we know, without a regularly updated software electronics has not so much sense, and spent a lot of money. Therefore, we believe that it would be fair if Huawei has enabled its customers to take back the purchased devices with a full refund.

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