Google sales home break through the barrier of 6 million

It seems that Google does not provide effort in exploit all you got don’t research technology for their products, don’t expect to use all the new technology only begins to develop and the development of their uses, the same was done with a google home possible, the device which was launched since the month of May 2016 did not stop its development, we find it in April 2017 know about the other versions have characteristics more fun.

The google home who began to use it as a receiver for voice commands to search on the Google Drive or open audio files, video remotely instead of writing on a search engine, I got out of new versions such as the google home mini, Google home max.

google home

What are the characteristics of the devices google home

The distinction of the group of devices google home with received voice commands, and strictly enforced, not just received it and its implementation, it has a search feature in the same context. Meaning if you have a question search for it in Google, and the question in one word relating to the same subject, the device understands what is intended and reported. This property of the properties of artificial intelligence, which is the latest generation of technology even today.

And use the modern devices is not limited to home use only, but can use it during the diversity drive, and use it in a Google Maps guided the way through it.

Device google home mini new

After the overwhelming response to buy Google devices home company released Google version latest as google home mini, which is formed with the first device, and the new version is and design smaller than the first version large size, making it easier to put in the space and place the smaller inside the house or in the car or anywhere, with all the possibilities needed to run the image files and the website, and put this device on sale at a price of $ 49, and offer for sale at the official store of the company.

google home

Version google home max new developers

Tend the new version of the Google home features different, player google home max number of distinctive characteristics that help to enjoy watching videos or hearing songs, he enjoys the clarity and accuracy of high-quality audio, and the highest ratings by users, and the most important characteristics was the ability to run youtube music and YouTube without interruption to watch ads that are placed within the video on the site.

Official statistical Google about its sales

Although modern devices from the Google home think move and clear the technology for this type of device, however, many reports have confirmed that Google did not succeed in achieving the expected sales of a range of devices google home.

For its part the company announced in a formal conference is not with the beginning of January that the number of hardware sales Google home correct various overcome the barrier of 6.7 million device, though a spokesman for Google did not provide detailed statistical as is customary in determining the sales of Google products, triggering doubts about the correctness of the number of sales that have been announced.

Despite those doubts however, buying device Google home Mini was the most among the rest of the versions, due to its small size, which allows the user to move to any place, in addition to the offerings of the cuts on this version, as the price of it to $ 30, and in turn the popularity of the Google home max was low, as the price of it to $ 400.

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