Google says that all websites that use HTTP protocol not a secure

قوقل تقول أن جميع المواقع التي تستخدم بروتوكول HTTP غير آمنة

Protocol the hypertext or HTTP always appears at the beginning of the links when you are browsing one of the sites, this Protocol serves as a system to transfer data on the web with ease to maintain the protection of the user, but according to the Chrome browser, all the websites that use this Protocol is safe.

She said google it and found sites that begin the protocol is unencrypted, which means that it can easily access data such as passwords.

On the counterpart, the company said that sites that use HTTPS use encryption in their data, which helps to maintain users ‘ data.

Begin the message “not safe” will appear to users when you open one of the sites that use HTTP even be aware of sites that suggest.

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