Google says to disable ” Digital Wellbeing ” does not lead to improve the performance of the phones Google Pixel

Digital Wellbeing

There have been reports of a few users phones Google Pixel recently called to give the luxury features Digital ” Digital Wellbeing ” on the device lead to a marked improvement in performance. The company has suspended Google Now on it, saying that this is not the case. The company emphasizes that there are no problems related to the performance output for the luxury and digital phones Google Pixel.

Confirmed Google this through its account official on the social network Reddit. The company says it has conducted a comprehensive analysis of the program after that started users in the complaint it found that ” there are no problems related to performance and linked to the application of Digital Wellbeing on phones, Google Pixel “.

The application of Digital Wellbeing exists on all phones Google Pixel and Android One smartphones in addition to a few of the devices of other companies. This app works in the background and provides data to users such as the number of times that they open the phone and time spent on each application individually.

The police, though they found problems not related to the errors attributed to the application of the shelf Digital which affect performance. And Google Inc. it is the update version would provide optimal performance for Google Pixel.

Recommend other users to modify the application of the shelf Digital ” Digital Wellbeing ” in the phones Google Pixel their own in order to improve performance, but said the company Google that it is only the placebo effect.

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