Google Search finally learned to share queries with other users

There are many ways to share a particular search query to Google, for example, to copy the (usually rather long) URL or use the service LMGTFY, which offers a bit more possibilities. Google itself still for some unknown reason, did such a seemingly obvious opportunity available. However, the latest beta version of the search app for Android now learn some convenient way to share current search query Google with other users.

Now users of Google can share search queries

Tonight on Android owners, who have the beta version of Google apps will see a new convenient “Share” button on the results page, the search button voice search. Clicking this button opens a menu sharing Android, in which you can share a link like “”. Below you can see an example in which the user shared the link to the query “pizza near me”, he clicked on this link and after browsing I saw the query and the search results on it.

In General, what happens when the person clicks on it, it seems, varies depending on the device. Android device open it directly in Google (follow via Google Play Services), the PC link leads to a traditional search results page Google, and the Chromebook system apparently sends the link to Google Play Services and then back to browser to the Google search results.

While sharing is possible only by the request but not the exact search result

Unfortunately, the above method you can only share by search query, but not search results. Since Google personalitywe search results on the basis of what she knows about you, it means that other users may not see the same results that you see.

It would be much more useful to be able to share exactly the exact results that you see on your device and from the current functionality new option avail, I think not. Perhaps in the future Google will give us such an opportunity, and yet are content with what they have.

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