Google services the cloud is coming to Saudi Arabia


خدمات قوقل السحابية قادمة للسعودية

The company announced that, the parent company of the profit for profit the first of the year yesterday, has been reviewed by the company part of its plans for the next, including expanding the circle of cloud services Google Cloud.

Said Sundar pichai, Executive Director of the company that the service of the Google Cloud will be in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the coming period within the plan to raise the number of states that are in service to 20, where you will expand the network infrastructure of the Netherlands, Canada, and Japan next to Saudi Arabia.

And cloud computing services from Google has many advantages to the users such as data analysis, data storage, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other professional services.

The move is considered a continuation of the work of the Prince Mohammad bin Salman in the development of infrastructure in Saudi Arabia in the technical field, where everthat meeting with Sundar pichai and a number of managers of companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and eat with them the possibility of expanding the circle of their work in the kingdom.

Recall that several reports spread earlier about the talks between Aramco Holdings have for the development of data centers and technology in Saudi Arabia.


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