Google showed how the simple addition of a phone number helps to reduce the risk of hacking your account

Considering how many people now live in the network, data security is of paramount importance. New research from Google this week shows that even adding a phone number to recover your account can greatly help to prevent breaking it.

Google in cooperation with new York University and the University of California in San Diego for a year to conduct research on large-scale and targeted hacker attacks, the final conclusion of which was that any form of additional protection could greatly complicate the hacking of user accounts.

Our research shows that simply adding a phone number to recover your account, Google can block up to 100% automatic bots, 96% mass phishing attacks and 66% of targeted attacks that took place in the course of our investigation.

The study looked at so-called remedies knowledge-based and device-based. In the first case, Google monitors suspicious attempts to log into the system, requesting “additional evidence that this is really you”. Here everything is simple as you only need to enter a phone number or additional email address that the user is already tied to your account. Another type of checking account ownership requires confirmation of your last login to the system, this also blocks 100% of attempts of theft account auto bots.

Device-based include sending special text codes on your phone number that you then enter online. While some experts believe this method is not very secure, since SMS can be faked, a study by Google showed that its use reduces the risk of falling victim to targeted attacks by 76%.

Meanwhile, send special requests to other devices that are tied to the same account, further enhance security. But the most safe method among all remains a “security key”, which will give odds to smartphones and any other forms dvuhvekovoy authentication.

However, research by Google has revealed a barrier to such security methods.

The difficulty lies in the fact that the use of such security methods creates additional complexity and increase the risk of account lockout. In the experiment, 38% of users are unable to access your smartphone, as it is not handled with the above methods of data protection, while 34% of users are unable to remember your secondary email address.

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