Google spoke about the new features of Android 11

Android has changed a lot over those 12 years that it exists as a mobile operating system. Year Google improved it and in the end turned from uncomfortable and unattractive similarity iOS a platform with a nice design and a wide range of functionality. However, a few years ago, the pace of development of Android gradually began to decline until, it seems, it has not stopped at all. After a night theme and an unfulfilled promise to distribute updates via Google Play — in fact, all tangible innovations Android 10. Whether it is digital identity, which will appear in Android 11.

Mobile ID is a new feature in Android 11

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Android 11 will be the first version of Google’s mobile OS with support for digital IDs. About this, the search giant announced at the event, Qualcomm 2019 Summit. Quite a strange place to announce such important innovations, don’t you think? However, that was the point. The fact that the storage of digital certificates requires appropriate protective mechanisms, which can provide only two processors: Snapdragon 865 and 765 Snapdragon, which Qualcomm presented in the same summit.

How to digitize documents on Android

11 Android and Snapdragon 865 will provide a safe zimovku identity

For the support of digital identity answers software library Identity Credential API. With its help, users are able to digitize your documents and store them in memory. Then, when the need to show a valid photo ID to confirm your identity, will be sufficient to provide a smartphone with the representatives of authorities who will be able to consider all the information with a scanner with NFC module. Similarly reads passports at airports and international railway stations.

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In fact, the support of digital identity had to appear in Android 10. However, at some point, Google decided to remove the library Identity Credential API. Most likely, this was done due to the fact that they failed to teach the operating system to create in memory a separate segment in which the documents are stored in encrypted form, not to mention the fact to make it non-volatile, allowing to work even when the battery is fully discharged.

Is it possible to replace the passport smartphone

However, before widespread implementation of standard of digital identity is still far away. In order to be applied in everyday life, it is necessary that it passed the certification of International organization for standardization. It will have to develop and test a methodology for digitizing, storing and processing documents. And since it is necessary to develop an appropriate regulatory framework, the probability that a digital ID can be used instead of a passport, when crossing the state border, next year, tends to zero.

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