Google staff demanding the company cancel the project to create the Chinese version of the Google search engine

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Frequency two months before the company Google is working on a new version of the Google search engine for users in China is in line with the laws of the local censorship. It is estimated that this project name of Project Dragonfly. In recent days, confirmed the company Google the existence of this legislator in the Senate but did not talk in detail about the project. Now, match the employees in Google company to cancel the idea of launching a search engine controlled in China.

In a letter published today on the internet, said the staff : ” we’re employees in a company Google decided to join Amnesty International to demand Google to cancel the draft Project Dragonfly and ensuring protection for whistleblowers “. As you notice in the letter, the staff do not want to just close the project Dragonfly, but also clamoring to protect employees who leak details related to this project confidential to the public.

Note many of the staff that when it was published the first report about Project Dragonfly in the month of August last it appeared after only two months of cooperation of Google with the US Department of Defense for cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence. Since then, more than 4,000 employees name on the petition calling on Google to cancel the contract. Out many of the engineers from the company and promised to Google later that it will not renew this contract with the US Department of Defense.

Shows staff in their letter that their opposition to the Project Dragonfly is not related to China. ” We are opposed to technologies that help the powerful suppress the weak, wherever they are. “ The letter further indicated that the project Dragonfly would set a precedent that will make it difficult for Google to refuse to provide privileges similar to other countries.

There were 11 staff members have their names on this letter as of this morning. Will keep updating by adding more signatures. As you can expect, so you know the company Google on this date.


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