Google start in areas of the Amazon in the field of online shopping

After a few days of the great interest that I’ve had service Prime Day Amazon started Google in the launch of its new platform for which you can watch from here, and also you’ll win the new product significantly on the concerns of users and then offer them products that suit them.

Google earlier confirmed that it does not seek to be “a reseller” or become the stores electronically, only that the new product launched by Google, putting it in direct competition with Amazon.

Don’t even cause harm to understand, Google is not going to build the level of groups of goods and rental of thousands of stores, but all you have to do Google is to connect the user the merchant appropriate and proper treatment, confirmed with Google that it will cooperate with stores like Costco were, that in the United States.

The mechanism of action of the new service will be through your search for a product on the website and then if this product of the production of Google (devices like Google Home and pic sender) will be transferred for purchase of store Google directly, but if the unexpected when Google you one up contracting with them.

Also -according to Forbes magazine – you might say Google show up the real existing around you within the society this is of course based on VAM.

Source: Tech Radar

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